Carpet too hard to clean, useless?

Let you and your friends swing!Also be soft outfit collocation small expert at the same time!Fast and small make up to see together!

Basic knowledge of carpet


“Official” : noise and sound reduction, heat preservation and heat conduction, improve air quality, artistic beautification effect, soft and elastic play a protective role.
Personalization: play werewolf killing and chatting with friends on the carpet;Interact more intimately and freely with your child;Just sit on the carpet in winter, drink coffee, eat dessert and enjoy afternoon tea


Press raw material cent, domestic commonly used carpet basically has carpet of pure wool carpet, chemical fiber, plastic carpet, blend to spin carpet.
Divide by product configuration, blanket of full spread carpet, piece blanket, piece blanket.The main thing we’re dealing with here is a blanket.
According to use position cent, ground carpet and tapestry.

Tie-in skill

Choose according to room function
Different function area, carpet ground chooses to also have distinction.Be like the carpet of the bedroom, incline to build sweet atmosphere, and the carpet of the sitting room, had better highlight atmospheric feeling;Bathroom and kitchen carpet choices are more practical.

According to bedroom whole tonal, style
The advocate in refine home is lubricious, agree with a style, go clinching the color of carpet, maintain colorific harmonious sex.If it is to slant under the decoration style of day type sex cool wind, choose the carpet of big red big purple, such contrast color collocation can get again and again discreet cough up.

Planning carpet laying area
Everyone has different needs for carpets and different natural laying areas.Such as the bedroom, if you just want to get out of bed when there is a warm place to step on feet, can only lay in the bedside;Be like a sitting room, can choose to spread only below tea table, also can wrap whole sofa recreational area.So on-demand is the best choice.

Pattern selection

The carpet of stripe and geometrical design has modern breath quite, below the circumstance that USES proper, can extend the visual effect of the space.

The carpet of design of carve patterns is more inclined to the style of ou shi and Chinese style, take bit of traditional ethical wind or palace wind.

Pure color design is more drab perhaps, but have low-key costly thick feeling, also can be used at match colors below the household style that compares much, will neutralize colour.

The carpet of originality design accords with the pursuit of the youth more, optional laid is in one horn, the lively feeling that promoted a bedroom at a draught, but unfavorable large area is used, can appear otherwise too flowery ~

Style match

Japanese wind

The home outfit of day type style is given priority to mostly with original wood color, the furniture of the bedroom is very contracted also, the feeling of whole and wood color is extremely appropriate, so, in the home of day type style, want to match appropriate carpet, be about to choose pure and fresh natural light color carpet.

Nordic style

The home outfit of Nordic style can have a variety of choices in carpet respect, can choose the carpet with simple and regular design or strong line feeling to give priority to mostly.The carpet of large area suits a space enough and the home that furniture color is onefold is installed, and the Nordic wind of small space, can choose small area and act the role of the small carpet that color accords with with furniture adorn article.

European style

The style of ou shi is more luxurious, the design and color of carpet can be applied richer, a few luo ke kind decorative pattern restoring ancient ways can be used.Material selection is generally wool, show class.

New Chinese style wind

The household of new Chinese style style chooses carpet to be able to choose the flower to also be able to choose element, basically according to the element judgement of domestic outfit, if the color of indoor article is simple, can choose the carpet that spends a bit, such meeting more show plump;The Chinese style home outfit of little space, still give priority to with element, can let a space show so bright dot.

Follow the floor and furniture colors

Deep furniture + deep floor

In the home that furniture and floor give priority to with brunet, should match good carpet, had better give priority to with light color, such unapt let indoor color sink more, had a kind of neutralization effect instead.

Deep furniture + shallow floors

Below this kind of circumstance, had better choose to compare furniture color shallow, regard carpet as mass-tone tone than the intermediate color with deep floor color, can let whole space have a district so, increased the administrative levels feeling of the space.

Light furniture + deep floors

The floor USES brunet when, the light color of furniture does not have weight feeling more, right now carpet can choose the color that compares furniture a bit lighter again give priority to tonal, won’t let the home show so too dark sink, also can let furniture have weight more.

Light furniture + light flooring

When indoor whole is given priority to with light color attune, carpet is about to accentuate color at this time, will neutralize this kind to float the feeling, let whole more harmonious and balanced.

Carpet SHOW

The living room was enlivened by a hand-made wool carpet.The design is a chic V shape, red and white with visual impact, the overall visual effect with a dramatic color.

In this simple and fashionable sitting room, a beautiful carpet became the focal point of the vision, it combines by a few big triangle and become, the color collocation of black, white, yellow has echo point in every corner of the sitting room, outstanding but not abrupt.

If the kitchen is a drab white, it may look dull even if you have prepared a rich feast.An Aztec style carpet, by the design of the diamond combination of colorful, let the kitchen come alive.

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