Bedroom carpet shop installs means 3 kinds of different style

At present bedroom carpet is a blanket mostly, most of a blanket is machine weave carpet, charge for the making of STH.The width of a blanket is generally not more than 4m, and there is an appropriate ratio between the length and width.A blanket is the shop goes up in the ground, but with the ground not agglutinate, can optional, roll out at any time or furl deposit, put more convenient so lead a lot of use choose.


Some person bedroom carpet chooses to go all out a shop to install, can according to the need of the bedroom so, undertake as terrain assemble, and do not need to undertake cutting to the map.The overall dimension of patchwork carpet is generally 500mm ×500mm, or 450mm×450mm or rectangular.Its blanket surface is generally tufted category, back lining and middle interlining more exquisite.Finished products have a certain stiffness, laying can be bonded with the ground, but also can lay the ground.The structure of patchwork blanket is stable, beautiful and generous, the surface of blanket can be printed or pressed into patterns.It is very convenient to carry, store and assemble along with the terrain.


To bedroom carpet partial person can choose full spread, spread carpet completely to bedroom floor namely.The amplitude of this kind of carpet is in 3.66 ~ 4 m commonly, if the carpet of choose and buy is bigger than room ground area, can undertake cutting the method that join together according to bedroom area size in order to achieve full spread requirement.The bottom face of carpet can be glued together with the ground directly, also can take up carpet face to make carpet and ground between very little glide, and the method of the wall root that USES nail to locate at all sides.


Bedroom spread carpet can make the emotional appeal of a kind of warmth romance, it is the handicraft that decorates a bedroom to suit quite.The method that bedroom carpet shop installs is very much, but do not suggest to undertake full spread, after all inside the bedroom also is quite much furniture, full spread undertakes carpet cleanness to do inconveniently.Above is the bedroom carpet shop that introduces to everybody installs a method, the hope is helpful to everybody.