Carpet wonderful collocation lets the floor run naked no longer

An excellent household carpet can not only decorate the house, but also has the function of environmental protection, anti-falling and anti-slipping, making your home full of warm, romantic and safe atmosphere.And had the fun that mat ground still recreational after carpet, you can hold a book in the hand, leisurely lean on window edge, taste a cup of green tea, enjoy leisurely comfortable time.

But the collocation of the shape of carpet, color and bedroom also is to have exquisite, different decorate the carpet with different style collocation.Do not want pure because like its design and color and buy, buy the decorate a style to do not match with your home, can appear messy beautiful spruce, be just the opposite to what one wishes.Must look for him to live in the fixed position of the style, decorate the carpet with appropriate style collocation according to the home.Let us study together below, how to match carpet correctly.

  一、Match of shapes

If your decor and furniture are in formal shapes and the color is gray and plain, you can match it with a dark geometric rug.

  二、Color match

Each home is decorated after more or less can have a few little regrets, for instance color is too dark sink.An eye – catching carpet may save you.But when we are choosing the carpet with this kind of bright-coloured, very jump color, the colour collocation that the home must have with its echo, for instance the pillow that is same color fastes in the arms, perhaps photograph wall, also be a few books on the bookshelf, such echo that complement each other perfectly, won’t appear especially abrupt, and can special give color.

  三、Matching of decoration style

Mediterranean wind

Mediterranean decorate a style to be fundamental key with blue.Carpet unfavorable choice jumps too color.It’s best to choose a darker dark blue.

Echo of dark blue fundamental key Mediterranean type decorate a style, the color that looks like on carpet is pretty can find with its echo is tonal, numerous and comfortable heart.