798 art district “Persian ingenuity world good things” design and inheritance art exhibition opened

On June 9, 2017, top Persian hand-made carpet brand Persian treasure and famous artistic carpet design brand carpet weaving were held in the “Persian treasure” art space of Beijing 798 art district, the launching ceremony of the design and inheritance of artistic carpet of “good things in Persian craftsmanship world”.Centering on the theme of “good things in the world of Persian craftsmanship”, this exhibition makes a trans-temporal dialogue between the traditional and classic Persian carpets and the top modern Persian carpets, showing the beauty of the ancient and modern, the classic and inheritance, the tradition and the modern Persian carpets.The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Seyed Aghazadeh, commercial counsellor of the Iranian embassy in China, majili, chairman of the Iranian Chinese chamber of commerce, huang zitong, President of the Persian treasure, and zhang qi, general manager of carpet weaving.


The design and inheritance of the artistic carpet of “Persian ingenuity heaven and earth good things” was launched at the ceremony site

Centuries ago, Persian carpets were revered in both east and west for their fine texture, simple and elegant patterns and exquisite weaving techniques.They were used in the palace of Persia, European royalty, holy see and noble mansions.In the present age when everything can be copied at will, more and more people begin to seek for delicate and unique residential aesthetics, and the elite also begin to pursue the top hand-woven works.Classic Persian hand-made rugs with collectible and investment value and modern Persian rugs integrated into the aesthetics of life became the next favorite art collection and a symbol of social status and taste.



The design and inheritance of the artistic carpet of “Persian ingenuity heaven and earth good things” was launched at the ceremony site

Since its establishment, Persian treasure has been committed to promoting Iran’s time-honored and colorful culture and art, and building a bridge of cultural and art exchanges between China and Iran.Based on Iran mawson chairman for many years rich experience accumulated business Persian carpet and Chinese investors in command of the local luxury goods market, the treasure to deeply explore the manual of Persian carpet art and kernel, Persian culture innovation of the Persian carpet fusion of art and modern way of life, tries to build up a professional service, with sincere and build good attentively to each customer, create value.


“Persian ingenuity world good things” design and inheritance of art carpet show

The top modern Persian carpet design works presented by carpet weaving adopts the famous carpet designer from Germany. The new design concept of the red point winner Hossein Rezvani explains the inheritance of the ancient Persian carpet technology, and constantly endowing the traditional Persian carpet with contemporary colors and patterns.Each piece of carpet integrates the meaningful elegance of modern design and traditional graphics, bringing new emotional experience and touching heartstring. It can be said that it is a modern classic of the 21st century.



Design and inheritance of some works in the carpet exhibition of Persian craftsmanship

After years of Persian carpets from about four thousand years ago up to now, has been using the unparalleled natural raw materials, dye the extracted from silk road along the way of nature color, passing on almost the same, and unique weaving process, and between various regions by the unique materials and design development to compete with each other until extreme.The handed down Persian carpet perfectly integrates the gift of nature, craftsmanship, architectural deconstruction, painting art, humanistic philosophy and spiritual yearning, including inheritance and innovation, as well as many life pursuits.


Design and inheritance of some works in the carpet exhibition of Persian craftsmanship

The change of times of some of the works in the exhibition of “Persian craftsmanship” design and inheritance art carpet makes people’s pursuit from material enrichment to spiritual sublimation.The unique dialogue exhibition of “Persian ingenuity” jointly presented by Persian treasure and carpet speech weaving allows the audience to personally touch and compare these ancient noble and creative works of art, and explore the ultimate sensory experience and infinite enthusiasm for a better life.