Specializing in carpet design
Carpet wholesale business

Shanghai HongXu Carpet Co., Ltd.


Shanghai HongXu Carpet Co., Ltd. is located in Jiuting, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China. It was registered in 2014 and specialized in carpet design and carpet wholesale business. The company has warehouses, relying on the strong strength of factory, sales continue to grow, to provide consumers with quality services and high-quality products.

Nantong HomeDec Weiya Carpet Co., Ltd is located in Nantong Economic Development Zone, south of the Yangtze River, east of the sea, there is a vast Subei plain to the north, only 130 kilometres away from Shanghai, its excellent geographical environment provides a good foundation for the production, sales and transportation of the carpet, the company gathered many well-known art design masters t home and abroad , dedicated to provide high quality carpet products and service for the five star hotel, high class office buildings, luxury villas, club and so on. HomeDec has an area of 40 acres land with 15 thousand square meters plant, more than 300 employees working in the factory, we have over 30 sales and service centers in different province in China, we focus on high-end printing carpets, and it’s one of the earliest manufacturers in the printing carpet industrious with capability of printing carpet with wool, nylon, Sorona, we have unique and rich experience in process and production of all kind of printing Technology, the printed carpets can reach to the standard with 100% joint, 100% no piece mark, 100% color Uniformity,which wins the market recognition and respect, the new stin-free wool printed carpet become the new good sale products. HomeDec company focused on innovation, who has 2 invention patents, 25 utility model patents, 1500 design patents, So far, over 60,000 design and pattern have created by our design team.

The company currently has 3 printing lines, which can print 16DPI, 25DIP, 100DIP, 300DIP with production capacity of 20000 square meters / day. We have a team in the foreign trade, sales, production, technology in the company with 20 years of experience to craft carpet operation and management, also in the design, color, carpet glue, digital printing technology and equipment, full set of finishing etc.. HomeDec is one of the most powerful carpet manufacturers in china.


Specializing in carpet design, carpet wholesale business.
More than 20 years experience in carpet management and management team.
Is set sales, production, technology in one of the professional carpet manufacturers.
Complete set of technology and equipment.

Strength + long history to create a conscientious enterprise

While actively striving to consolidate the domestic market, our company is ready to develop abroad marketing with international and domestic trade together, we are full of expectations and confidence in the opportunities and challenges by the globalization of the world economy.

Innovation + leading idea forging industry pioneer

We will continue to uphold the spirit of “unity, cooperation, concerted efforts, and create a better tomorrow” and strive for the development of China’s carpet industry and the revitalization of national industry.

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